REAL NIGHTMARE: Brushed Metal Lamborghini Gallardo With Flamethrower HUMILIATING Everyone on Autobahn!

And why does it escaped from hell, why is it here? How do we know that it is directly from hell?

Here is the full explanation. And how we know, it’s obvious ladies and gentleman, it’s black brushed metal vinyl wrap instead of color on the body and that means it was exposed on the hell’s fire and if it is color it will be burned until know, and one more thing, it throws flames from the exhaust to cause panic on the streets, it wants to be fear of it, to terrorize us!

Maybe it’s evil and mean but you will agree with us it’s an awesome hell of a beast, Italian beauty and charm just suits too good the car and you will notice how shy the fire from the exhaust is appearing, maybe it’s not so evil as we thought. Maybe it was trapped and taken from the mighty forces and now it is coming in peace to continue its life on Earth.

But if you consider the arrogant look of the Lamborghini Gallardo is not so bad, just every car on the highway will fear him and make a space to pass.

We made a good story of this brushed metal Lamborghini Gallardo, now take a look on the video bellow and see the excellent body work and flame throwing exhaust.


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