Safety Video Footage Of Air Compressor Explosion For Raising Awareness: THIS IS AN ACTUAL EXPLOSION!!!

Although a lot of air compressors have been built in safety valves, that still won’t guarantee to save you from an accident, especially when the tank on the compressor is pretty old and with a bad structural rigidity. Now, this is a very important issue that a lot of people are not even aware that exists. This is why we decided to shed some light on this serious problem hoping to raise people’s awareness and possibly save unwanted accidents. We are very grateful to YouTube user David Evans who posted this video on his channel. He made the video from a footage of the tragedy that occurred during one explosion. His goal was to contribute in raising awareness of all the dangers of air compressors. David has a lot of reasons to do this, since the man in the video is his grandfather and luckily David came out and saved his grandfather’s life.

Fortunately, the shrapnel caused David’s grandfather to spend only three months in the hospital. Although the event didn’t end tragically, it still changed the man’s life permanently. Watch this video and make sure to check your equipment. Also don’t forget to share this video and help informing people to make the proper safety preparations. Preparing for possible events like this could pretty much save yours or some other person’s life.


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