Sigdal, Norway: The Place Where You Can DRIFT LITERALLY WITH EVERYTHING!!!

Yeah, drifting on ice, and that’s not an ordinary event, that’s Gatebil on Ice! The place and event where all the drifters dreams from around the world comes true, a place where the sliding has no end and the fun is granted.

Everything from old Volvo sedans, old BMWs 3 and 5 series, old Mercedes’s C class, Toyota Supras, even Toyota vans, Toyota Hilux trucks, literally everything is having fun, something like snow games without borders!

Nothing was stopping them, the side walls of the ice track are from snow, the surface perfect even for the 100HP cars, all that is demanded is a little experience and enthusiasm for drifting. Of course a solid heating in the car and unlimited amount of fuel.

Just watch them how they drift in pair, no discrimination between the cars, old Volvo sedan and Toyota Supra, damn perfect couple, old Mercedes C class and Toyota Supra, old Audi 80 Coupe, an amazing sight for watching!

Just play the video bellow and you will be in awe after watching it. We can literally give the name “Epic Snow-Drifting Odyssey”. Enjoy the video folks!


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