That’s How A Pro Does It! Daisuke Hasegawa Furious Drifting with BenSopra Nissan 180SX Powered By A GTR R35 Engine!

We all know well the difference between a professional and just a good enthusiast, regardless on the subject that we are talking about. And when it comes to car driving, especially drift-driving, the difference between the two is huge. So if you are up for some great drifting action by a real pro-driver, then the following video that we have prepared for you in today’s article will be a real joy and pleasure.

Our drift master in the video below is Daisuke Hasegawa, the Japanese driver who is competing in the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC), and this guy really means business. He is driving one awesome Nissan 180SX powered by a Nissan GTR R35 powerplant and it would only be safe to say that this guy looks like he is trying to rip off the tarmac track.

This car was a project of the legendary body kit company from Japan – BenSopra which they built it to be a high speed car back in 2012. Since then it was sold to Hasegawa and further fitted for the Formula Drift all that with a lot of support by the Japanese tuning studio HKS as well as Yokohama Tire Japan.

The people from BenSopra literally ripped the entire engine and drivetrain out of an ex-Blitz Nissan GTR R35 on which the studio based its project car in 2012. Further on they customized it to fit into the much smaller engine bay of the 180SX.

So check out these insanely cool drifts by Daisuke Hasegawa and his awesome looking and powerful GTR, and if you want to find out more info and interesting things about the World Time Attack Challenge, check out this link.


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