The Explosive Power of the TwinTrax Motorcycle Joining Two Harley-Davidson Engines!

The shift of speeds in the TwinTrax is manual and the power as well as the 5-speed transmission is carried out by a complex system of two straps connecting the engines and the chain of the wheels, while the front and rear tires are 15 and 18 inches respectively. The peculiar back of the bike is crowned with four tailpipes.


This unique and exclusive bike is equipped with an inverted fork and twin shock absorbess. With all this weight, it’s no surprise that there are three six-piston calipers (two in front, one in back) which are necessary to stop the bike. The four exhaust pipes are beautifully diverted from the right side of the bike just past the saddle, through a pair of SuperTrapp exhausts.

No matter from what angle you look at it, the TwinTrax is a strong bike, its 400kg and 2060mm wheelbase confirm that. And at the same time modern aesthetic, if I say that the KTM Duke lighthouse fits perfectly.

The fairings are quite different and the choice of titanium color gives the bike an almost futuristic feel and a stylish flair. Is it easy to fly this TwinTrax Motorcycle? If you’re curious, this bike has an overall length of 2,710 mm!

The bike, a two-twin-cylinder “street legal” dragster (the only representative of a segment that so far does not exist, perhaps illogical) was exposed in Intermot 2008.



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