The Traffic Police’s HAS A New GODLIKE Method of Stopping Speeding Vehicles! ROADS Are Safe Again!

To tell you the truth, I still can not believe they are serious about using this device to stop vehicles that are hitting the road on high speed, much more than they actually oughta be. I’m aware that police’s view on this subject is diametrically different than my opinion and impression about their new spike strip technology, remotely controlled with an apparatus. I still can not comprehend how they have come up with this ‘ingenious’ solution…

As we all know well and see it more and more each day in every aspect of life, there is a new invention that should make traffic cops lives easier and more effective in successfully carrying out their professional duties.

It is a product of a company called Dynaspike, a sort of spike strip that can be activated from a distance, and once the car rolls over it, it is the end of the tires’ lives (possibly the end of driver’s also). It is said that its initial implementation as a part of the traffic police standard equipment, is to make cops’ lives much safer and to stop the speeding car with 100% certainty.

But what about the lives of everybody inside the car, especially if the car is being driven really fast? What will happen when those huge spikes pierce through the rubber?” Watch the video and tell me your opinion and view about it.


26 thoughts on “The Traffic Police’s HAS A New GODLIKE Method of Stopping Speeding Vehicles! ROADS Are Safe Again!

  1. Dadad1982

    This is plain stupid. Try using that to a car speeding at 200MPH and wait for the aftermath. Then tell the people that you’re concern about other’s safety. Yeah… They’re just doing it the wrong way. Do this people have brains?

    1. Mac

      You’re absolutely right Dadad1982! Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

    2. Adam Szastok

      This is US and A, so don’t expect anything more than hamburgers in their heads 🙂

      1. Mac

        Hahaha, come on Adam don’t be so cruel man. Give them a chance 😉

  2. Jman

    Ok first off why would you be driving your car at 200mph and be running away from the cops the ammount of stupid your comment is is just amazing

    1. Mac

      Still, people who drive that fast don’t deserve something like this Jman. What would you suggest to the police?

  3. Doug

    people shouldn’t be running from the police then they wouldn’t need to use. You break the law and run there is always more injured in the pursuit .

    1. Mac

      I agree with you Doug on not breaking the law, but try telling that to people who run from the police when they do that 🙂

  4. Officer

    The article makes it sound like it would be used for speed enforcement. It would be used to stop a pursuit allowing the officer to remain out of the path if the fleeing vehicle. Many officers are killed or seriously injured while deploying stop sticks.

    1. Mac

      But what if stopping the fleeing vehicle with this method would result in death of the people in the car?

      1. Bear

        Mac, you’ve got to be kidding. Once you run from the police, you forfeit your Liberty.

        If some idiot causes this equipment to be deployed to stop their stupidity and endangerment of others, the consequences are directly attributable to their initial stupidity and disregard for law. I personally couldn’t care less if they’re offed in the process.

        1. Mac

          Maybe you’re right about that. What a bad way to waste your life away…

  5. Bob

    How about a super resin that gums up the rotors and forces the car to a slow down and eventually seize? Sounds way safer than death spikes to me.

    1. Mac

      Good idea Bob!

  6. Jimmie

    Lmao, are you seriously defending the Criminals that these would be used against?

    1. Mac

      Come on Jimmie, don’t be so cruel man. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance.

  7. Tony

    It’s called a stinger, we’ve had them in the UK for years (emphasis on years), ours are rolled out by hand though….which seems more productive and cheaper TBH.

    1. Mac

      Since you have them for years in the UK, they seem to be quite effective right Tony?

  8. steve

    Until you lose a loved one through the actions of some idiot in a car running from the law,you will never realise that no matter what!,that car needs to be stopped.the sooner,the better.

    1. Mac

      You said it good Steve!

  9. Tommy

    If our running from the law at any speed, much less high speed, consideration for your safety has been automatically annulled by your blatant stupidity. I cannot imagine any legitimate reason to run from a cop if I’m not guilty of breaking a law. Pull over, man up to the boneheadded choice you made and don’t risk your life, or the cops life, just for a few more moments of undeserved freedom.

    1. Mac

      I couldn’t agree any more with you Tommy.

  10. Supporter

    The spikes are hollow, just like the spikes in the ones they use already. The don’t explode a tire like a shotgun blast, they release the air pressure at a controlled rate. Yes, even hitting at 200 mph you can have a controlled stop. All this device does is move the officer out of the way and remotely deploy the same tech that has been in use for decades.

    1. Mac

      Thank you for the additional explanation.

  11. Mark

    Of course the question needing asking is what crooks drive 200mph cars? It will work just fine on your every day numpty trying to escape the law

    1. Mac

      You have a point there Mark.

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