This Bobbed 5-Ton Truck On Tractor Tires DOMINATES The Swamp With ABSOLUTE POWER!

Yeah, our favorite sport, mudding! Impressive mighty machines lifted as high as possible with enormous tires running on the mud like athletes.

Sometimes the run is over at the very beginning, many of them sink into the mud so deep that even the tractors which are pulling them out have difficulties.

But that problem is over, we found the perfect tow truck, it’s powerful, quick and effective, in one word it has everything needed to pull out mud boggers not allowing them to sink to the roof.

We will avoid commenting about the look of our truck, it looks nasty and mean, but who cares, in any case it’s going to get dirty of all the mud in the first 2 seconds. Just watch the video filmed over the Labor Day weekend back in 2010. Not giving so much effort, with slow rotations from the huge tractor tires, it pulled the sink Ford from the mud, releasing mighty diesel smoke from the exhaust.

One thing for those who don’t know, this is a bobbed version of a truck and that means the truck is shortened and the bed from behind is cut. In this custom made shape it can go up and down on stepper hills, playing with the mud without any difficulties.

And if you want to see more bobbed trucks then follow this link.


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