MUST SEE THIS! ONLY 1 OF 3 One MASTERPIECES! Very Rare 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 HEMI Shaker Hood!

Why is this one of the three Dodge Challengers when we know there are so many out there? There is one interesting fact about this one and we are glad to share with you.

It is not the original stock engine or the authentic restoration with all the details preserved in excellent condition, and yeah there is something to do with the hood, under or above, what you think?

The thing is above the hood, the original shaker hood is proven to be genuine with serial N96 from their build sheet! From the five 1970 Dodge Challengers R/T 426 Hemi only three are genuine, and this one on the video is one of the three. How rare isn’t it?

The engine is well-known to you: 426 cubic inches delivering massive 425 hp and 490lb-ft of torque, what else do you need from muscle car. This is it, genuine big muscle with aggressive look and dangerous nose on the hood.

Watch the video and notice the genuine detail, honestly it is very rare thing to catch something like this and we are jealous on the new owner because the car was recently sold. Tell us what you think, do you mind on the genuine look? What if it is custom made shaker hood?


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