Watch This 110% Devilish 1500 HP Twin-Turbo FORD GT Black Mamba! Car Fans MUST NOT MISS THIS!

The doors of hell are opened and the reaper is coming to Earth to take the pride from many super cars, yeah, this mighty Black Mamba is walking on Earth.

And believe us, it is ready to take the speed pride even from the best names in the super cars class, Bugatti, McLaren F1, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette C7 Stingray… all of them will get down on their knees begging for mercy.

Many will try but you cannot fight against a 1500hp twin-turbocharged devil heart! For the audience it is an orgasm for the ears and the eyes, powerful engine packed in the rear in two door coupe, honestly it looks naïve, but actually it’s maliciously.

It accelerates like crazy, like a sky rocket, instantly reaching the maximum of its abilities in seconds and what can we say for that, yeah it’s awesome.

Final note to the owners of the super car brands we mentioned above, don’t you never ever accept challenge with this Ford GT Black Mamba, you will lose it for sure! Thank you 1320video for recording and adding this video on your YouTube channel. Gearheads enjoy the ”cargasm”.


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