SOMEONE HAS AWAKENED THE DEVIL: Winding UP AN Evinrude A 300hp Two-Stroke V8!

Born in the distant 1980s, the Evinrude XP was more than a recreational engine! This engine was carbureted 3.6-liter 2-stroke V8, and you know that he was always thirsty for 91 octane fuel. But for sure he was good in one thing, yeah, delivering 300HP at 6,250rpm. Or we can say like this: “He was good for speed!”

Sadly, the engine was killed soon because of the introduction of the V6 fuel injected engines, same power but much smaller! But that’s not the reason not to say some good words for the Evinrude XP. Yeah, he was a beast, 300 speed horses compressed in 555lb engine body while screaming amazing sound. That’s why many people through the years tried to mount this engines on cars for street use or on adventurous vehicles.

And the engine you will see on the video is something improved than the aforementioned from Performance Company from Sweden. They succeeded to build even more evil version with custom made expansion chambers and the result is: The ultimate chainsaw sound you’ve ever heard before!

Play the video and enjoy!


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