$1.3M 2,700 HP Lamborghini Speedboat With Aventador-Inspired-Interior On Water! AMAZING POWER!

Let us introduce Gino Gargiulo, Miami restaurant mogul who ordered the first and only Lamborghini on water, yeah, the guy has crazy ideas and money to make them happen.

When we first saw the pictures we were speechless of the Lamborghini elegance on water. This Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 boat is made according to the 50th anniversary model. And guess what, Gino owns one of the 50s ever made for $750k price, cheap isn’t it? As you can see it’s not a problem for him to spent additional $1.3 million for a boat. Nowadays, speed boats are trendy in Miami and the reason is quite simple, they are fun and need for those who are addicted on adrenaline.

So, what do you think, what makes this boat so special?

Let start from the engine, two twin-turbo Mercury Racing beasts, each with 1350 hp with maximum speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), amazing speed.

And the interior…Mighty Aventador style, so authentic, the same seats, same driving console and dashboard with preserved details, yellow-black as the exterior.

Even the headlights on the front are from Aventador. What do you think, can they light the water?

Can you imagine four Lamborghini V12 instead of Mercury Racing engines, is that possible? Let us know what you think bellow in the comments.


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