THIS CAR IS A SIGHT TO SEE IN PERSON: 1600HP 3 Rotor Mazda RX-With THREE TURBOS Crammed Into The Engine Bay Laying Down A Mid 6-Second Pass At The Drag Strip!

How cool would it be to have three turbos on one car? We have all seen the twin turbo where there are two turbo chargers, but three is the real deal .This team here thought to do the one thing that nobody has done it before, mount three turbos in the car, and watch it fly like a jet.

This amazing Mazda RX-8 has the power and the sound of power like no other car, with the three turbo chargers, the three rotors, this Mazda RX-8 is special one of a kind. The engine being so equipped you must wonder how much power it produces.

Well it is the most interesting thing about it, the engine has total output power of 1600 HP. This is more than enough to win a race, and no other car can beat it. As the team member says, they did this kind of modification with the engine because no one else has done it before, and he is right. Even the reporter admits that this is the first time to see a car like this, this is the first time for us as well and we sure like it, how about you?


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