16Vampir 1150HP VW Golf AWD JUMPING From Start To 60ft Time! Well, NOW THAT’S A RABBIT, LOL!

VW Golf AWD might not be so good for racing. Or it only seems that way because this car was not able to launch at the race track at all. Maybe the driver did something wrong here because the rear end of the car is jumping like a rabbit and it doesn’t have grip at all. Maybe the rear tires were overinflated and they just couldn’t get along with the asphalt, that’s why there is no launch from it. It will be a great lesion for the next time because the team has to fix the suspension of the car as well.

This is a highly modified VW Golf AWD which has a whole new drive system, with the powerful 16V engine connected to the end of it. It is unlikely to see an AWD system on the older VW Golf cars but this is a racer and it had to have it. It costs a lot of money to make that upgrade as everything has to be changed, from the clutch to the wheel heads, the transmission as well. But all that work hasn’t really paid off as this VW Golf cannot even launch on the track, nor finishing a race.

That’s why it is good to pay more attention to the tests that have to be conducted before even the car goes to the race event. For sure the driver would make some tests and they need to be as realistic as possible. But maybe the team skipped that part and they went straight to the race where they wanted to see all the 1100 HP coming from the 16Vampir engine under the hood.

Now all they have is the VW Golf AWD jumping on the track and not doing what it is supposed to, winning some races for the team.


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