1892 Eastern And Anderson Grasshopper Steam Engine: SCRATCH BUILT FROM BAR STOCK By Don Darbonne! BRILLIANT JOB Done!

If you are a Steam Engine lover then this is the perfect video for you. What we’re talking about today is an amazing grasshopper steam engine that was first introduced in the 1920s, but now specialized by Easton and Anderson. This engine is named like that because it is supposed to look like a grasshopper in motion. This was used to drive the gas exhausters that pulled the gas from the retorts and then pumped it into the gas holders. The engine that we are looking on this video was built from bar stock by Don Darbonne.

This model was beautifully made and it has a wonderful golden finish. This beautiful engine looks even better when in motion. The spinning governor is very appealing. Make sure to watch the whole video to fully understand the work of art that Don Darbonne has created, and to also see each and every detail that has been carefully added onto this Grasshopper Steam Engine.

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