1955 Chevy Street Truck WITH A WHISKEY BARREL IN ITS BED! It Can’t Get Any More American Than This!

Have an old 1955 Chevrolet truck laying around the backyard and you don’t know what to do with it? Maybe after you see this video you will inspiration about it and you will want to make it exactly like this one.

This proud owner of the 1955 Chevrolet street truck that we have on the video today, is talking about his truck like it is some kind of a child to him. There is beautiful paint job done on the truck and it shines on the sun like a diamond.

He says that before doing the paint job on the truck, they straightened up all the rough lines on the hood and the body of the truck, because after all this is a street truck and nobody likes it rough there. The paint is a great combination of blue with some black lines and touch that make it an eye candy. But the real deal maker comes in the load area of the truck and you will never guess what this guy has put inside or on it.

There is a 100 liters barrel, a wooden one that is used for storing whiskey. Check the video here:


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