Hear Me Screaming: 1969 CHEVELLE WITH LS3 ENGINE And Monstrous Audio System!

Finally here’s an old grandma to borrow something from her nephews, a brave racing heart and some high performance audio system. The result is stunning, a legendary beasty 1969 Chevelle with high tech equipment.

But let’s take a look deep inside the Chevelle interior and see what she has got. Damn she stick our eyes to her seductive body. Yeah, she has a tan, she was on beach and look what her skin became, a magic. Flat black color which looks amazing, but that’s not all, just look at the tiny details like the door handles and the rims, how beautifully they match. This car outlook is piece of art!

Now let’s see what she is hiding under the hood, damn an LS3 engine wrapped in carbon. We admit it, she has a style. You know the LS3, 6.2-liter V8 engine which is not compromising the performances. Yeah, 430HP speaks for themselves.

But what we have on the back of the car? Amazing tail lights and in the trunk is hidden the massive audio system. We want her badly, yeah, to take her on a ride and scream together with her engine and audio system.

Play the video bellow to see what it is about.


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