WOWSA! 1997 Dodge Ram Dually Pulls A 65,000 POUNDS SEMI-TRUCK!

Almost two decades old but still capable as few new trucks on the market, ladies and gentlemen that’s the Dodge Cummins powered! The purpose of this article and video is to serve as the ultimate proof for the reliability and durability of the Dodge Trucks!

And it wouldn’t be the perfect scenario if this Dodge on the video was not powered by the legendary Cummins 5.9-liter 12v 6-cylinders inline engine with output of 210HP and 440lb-ft of torque if paired with manual transmission. Yeah, exactly that strong torque pulled the massive load.

Just look how smoothly he executed the task, yeah, we know that the haters are going to hate it but what is here can’t be ignored.

The semi-truck broke the driveshaft but his fellow the 1997 Dodge Ram Cummins powered was on the right place to help him. Linked with chains the Dodge started the epic pull, but nothing spectacular, he easily find traction and with only a little amount of black smoke he started pulling! Awesome!

Play the video bellow and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments bellow!


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