7 MONSTROUS VEHICLES Which Are Totally Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse! BRING ‘EM ON MAN!

When the zombie apocalypse comes we all are going to need a killer set of wheels which will serve us good in any type of situation. And you know how much we take care of our fans, so here are a few awesome ideas for your perfect zombie apocalypse vehicle. Once you see them all and read the facts about them be sure to let us know in the comment section which one of these bad boys is your choice. Here we go guys.

The Marauder

Imagine the zombie apocalypse has arrived, there are buildings lying in ruins and you just can’t tell who is your friend and who is your enemy. In a rare and delicate situation like this, what you need is something to keep you safe and sound – and that is the armored Marauder to be more precise.

Having the ability to carry loads of up to 4,500kg, withstand bullets, mines and other explosives as well as accommodate up to 10 people, the Marauder is the one vehicle that will take you anywhere you want…in one piece. You could also fit the Marauder with some night-vision devices which are very handy for navigation in the dark. The Marauder can reach a respectable speed of 74 mph.

The Marauder

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