The idea for the HotTug

Most people, as we know, love boating and other types of ships that soothe and set up a romantic mood. At the same time, perfect for relaxing at the end of the day is taking a bath.

Leisurely walks along the river or lake in a small boat designed for two passengers are all very cute and romantic. Such entertainment is very popular among honeymooners or couples who got together only recently and have not yet lost the heat and intensity of feelings that push young people to do incredible things. To turn such travel even more romantic and healthy, the Dutch designer and engineer Frank de Bruijn came up with the idea of a “crossed” boat and bath-tub and so calling the resulting hybrid the “HotTug” boat.

Hottug_Top View

The author argues, and empirically proves that the boat is capable of withstanding up to eight people fatness. So enjoying the spa treatments on the picturesque banks of the lake or the river can be possible not only for couples, but also for the whole family, or a close-knit company, that decided to go on vacation and make it memorable and enjoyable. However, before going on such a trip must be properly melt the wood-burning or electric oven set aboard the unusual transport, and heat the water to 38 degrees Celsius. Typically, it takes about three hours, depending on the kind and amount of water set oven. Pumping water out of the boat takes no more than half an hour.

The cost of the jacuzzi boat is 21,000 dollars. However, the company can lease it..CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..READ ABOUT THE REST OF THE PHOTOS and INFO..


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