A Real GODZILLA Challenge – Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Driving the Nissan GTR and Singing!!!

Adam Levine was summoned by Nissan to promote the Nissan GT-R Challenge, through a challenge to sing the band’s new single “Sugar” while the driver is hired for risky maneuvers and turns.

Just a few days ago NBC aired a very special add during the episode of the show “The Voice” by inviting one of the world’s most famous singers Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Levine came to accept the challenge to sit in the passenger seat of the Nissan GTR.

Maroon 5’s frontman was singing the new single from the band while driving in a 545 hp Nissan GT-R at full speed. The chosen song is “Sugar”, although we will not hear it at all.

But unexpectedly, this powerful vocalist was not strong enough to continue singing and admitted that he cannot sing in the Godzilla. At the end of the clip he looks like a small child asking to go for another round.

You can check this out on the video below:


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