Is This The Most Insanely Cool GTR Drag Race?! Awesome GTR Vs 1G Talon!

Is This The Most Insanely Cool GTR Drag Race?! Awesome GTR Vs 1G Talon!

Every now and then we stumble upon some totally insane video in the most positive way, in which we enjoy watching some totally mind-blowing specimen of a drag car, and at the same time we are witnessing out-of-this-world drag battle that really raises up our level of adrenaline rush and gets us going for quite a while. This drag race video that you are about to see in just a few moments fits this description perfectly.

It is a drag battle between two highly modified cars, the Lease Locators Racing Nissan GTR that broke the ½ mile world record, at an astonishing speed of 223 mph, sometime by the end of October, and the Jeff Bush’s 1G Talon, highly modified beast. It is one of those races for which people keep talking about for many days afterward, simply because it is fulfilled with ultimate thrill and suspense that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Both of these monsters were having a great day and ended up in the finals during the World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway (MIR), battling each other for the first place. The final result was 8.32 seconds at 179 mph for the Nissan GTR, and 8.40 seconds at 170 mph for Jeff’s beast.

So check out the video and fulfill yourself with the proper dosage of adrenaline rush and positive drag racing vibes.

If you want to find out more about the Maryland International Raceway, go to this link.


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