Behold B – The Flying Car! New Drone Technology Might Be The Next Breakthrough In What The World Needs Today!

We are witnesses to new inventions every day and this one is for sure one of them.

It is a flying drone that can be transformed in a remote controlled car as well. And I know that we are seeing flying drones everywhere but what is unique about this one is that it is able to transform from a flying drone to a remote-controlled car in just a matter of few seconds, as I said. And to do that it doesn’t even need to stop to transform, it can do that while moving.

The flying RC car called B has four big wheels (210 mm) and inside them there are 4 independent propeller synced together that are able to bright this light gadget in the air, so there is not optical big enough to stop this smart drone. You just need to have a fresh pairs of batteries.

This video shows everything that we need to see and hopefully some one will invest in this new idea and make a great technological breakthrough, because this kind of technology can be used in many useful ways.

But at the end just relax and watch this video because it is always fun to see new innovative things…


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