BMW E30 ALMOST RUINED A Stockholm Tunnel WITH CRAZY SOUND! AWESOME Power Under The Hood!

When we first saw the video we couldn’t believe our eyes. What first came on our minds was that the dashboard is broken and the arrows are going crazy, there must be some problem, just notice the arrow of the speedometer when the driver shifts gears. It’s just great when you see a car with wheel spin.

We really don’t know what to believe, or maybe the car has some extraordinary powers hidden under the hood. We did a little search on the internet and we found out that this car is a BMW E30 with a M50B25 engine from a BMW E34 525i boosted by PT6765 turbo. The car belongs to a guy from Stockholm, Sweden.

This Swedish speed addict has definitely made wonders with his car. I mean just listen to the roaring of that beast. Impressive performance which we are sure you will enjoy.

The sound is excellent and the tunnel where the video is recorded looks like in a video game.

Just a quick question: did you noticed the arrow on the fuel gauge? This guy must be spending loads of money on gas 🙂


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