Brand New Stunning Falcon F7 Supercar Doing A Crazy Burnout!!! I JUST LOVE IT!

While going through YouTube I found this very cool video. To be honest this might be the coolest video I have seen for today. It is a short video and it has been edited perfectly, it is hard to find videos that have been edited this good.

Anyways, the video is about the fearsome Falcon F7 supercar. It is a fairly new car and I’m not sure that many of you know about it, this might be the first time seeing this car. But if you are an old car fan you will know about this car for sure. This short video will show you how this amazing Falcon F7 supercar can do a burnout while going from 0 to 60 in matter of seconds. The video is 40 seconds long and it will be shame if you don’t watch it. The powerful Falcon F7 supercar is made out of carbon fiber and it is light as a feather. The weight of this car is 2.850 pounds and it has 1,100 horsepower.

This is one hell of a car. So at this end don’t forget to watch the short video and leave some nice comment below. Enjoy!


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