Wait Is That Caddy Really A Uber Taxi?! Uber Cadillac CTS-V Vs Pro Charged Pontiac G8 UHD In SOME SERIOUS STREET RACING!!!

Street racing is the most exciting of them all, because here you can make a deal on what you are racing. It can be so serious that some drivers are racing on their cars, like a winner takes it all.

And these cars are really valuable because too much modification has been done on them and very expensive parts have been mounted. That’s why these guys here are taking this street race too serious. We have  the Cadillac CTS-V on one side which will be racing the Pro Charged Pontiac G8.

Rather interesting race, we are excited same as the crowd that is on the side on road, making bets on which car will win. This race held in the night time makes it even better, with all the lights from the road. There is a serious bet from one guy, he put down his two cell phones and two thousand dollars on the car and he is asking who wants to match the bet.

No more brave people are there, because it seems like nobody will take that bet, maybe they are not sure in the drivers, but it is one hell of a race.


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