When it comes to Toyota cars their Supra is one of their hidden weapons. If an owner of a Supra knows how to modify it and drive it properly he can even beat the best modern supercars, for example the Lamborghini. If you don’t believe it watch this video and see the proof.

In this video we can see how a Supra is beating two Lamborghini Gallardo’s and he didn’t even had any problems with them. At the start we can see a couple of other racers that are trying to beat the Supra like a 1200 HP 911 Porsche and also one Supra with 1300 HP but they didn’t even had a chance against this Supra. The owner didn’t tell us what he has done to his Supra but whatever it is it’s working.

The final two races were between the Supra and the Lamborghini Gallardo’s. At the start of the race we can see the supra go head to head with the Lambo but right after few seconds of the race we can see how the Supra surpasses the Lambo and makes a good distance between them. The same thing happened with the other Lamborghini, maybe it was even slower than the other but who cares at the end, the important thing is that the Supra showed every one that is not all about the name and the style.

I hope we see more races from this Supra, it is an amazing car!!!


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