Come Along For A Nice Off-road Ride In This RC 1977 Toyota FJ45 Pickup!!! Bring Your Friends Too!!!

YouTube user Headquake137 is just another totally amazed fan of RC vehicles and filming cool videos with them. So far, his great collection numbers 193 videos featuring various RC models of cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles and trucks, especially classic pickups. Today we give you the newest filmed in October this year.

The video features the first ride of a classic 1977 Toyota FJ45 pickup truck with long bed. This truck is another of Heaquake137’s scratch builds made of 3 mm komacel sheet, 6 mm particle board 1 mm and 1.5 mm poly-styrene sheet. The body of the truck was painted with acrylic and weathered using a brush. The Toyota FJ45 was built with GCM 4ten chassis and t-case, leaf mounted RC4wd K44 axles and Axial trans up front.

So take a look at the video and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. If your grades are great we’ll send a cake in shape of the RC to the maker of this RC adventure. If not, we’ll eat it by ourselves! 🙂 lol


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