ALL AMERICAN MATCH UP OF MUSCLES: Corvette Z06 C5 VS. 2014 Mustang GT In A FURIOUS & LOUD Tug Of War!!!

Does the title surprise you? Honestly, we were surprised when we first watched the video, it is so unique and authentic. We were used only to watch tag of war between “mountains”, Chevy and Ford trucks but the rivalry obviously escalated in other directions too!

Maybe this would be your first tug of war with cars you’ve ever watched but you won’t be disappointed because you will have the chances to see 3 rounds of exhausting battles, scary roars and lot of burned tires smoke!

The cars are linked back-to-back with rope and on given signal the Corvette Z06 C5 and the 2014 Ford Mustang GT are pumping their best on the rear axles in attempt to prove their dominance and pride. The Corvette is unleashing 385HP and 385lb-ft of torque plus some improvements which we don’t know how they translate in power, on the other side is standing the Mustang GT with 420HP and 390lb-ft of torque!

We’ll give you a hint, the first round won the Mustang GT, but on the others the Corvette Z06 C5 used a better traction technique, so are you in to place some bets?

Watch the video bellow and enjoy it!


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