This CRAZY 1800 HP TURBO MUSTANG Is On A Mission To FLY On The Drag Strip!!!

Here we have some serious engineering which can stand even against the gravity. Think about this saying because it’s not a joke it actually happens each time when this turbo Mustang is launching on the drag strip.

In this video below the driver will attempt to keep the front wheels in the air and leave the ground while in his head is singing the song “I believe I can fly”. It can be also described as the “drive of his lifetime” because it’s something unseen before.

But it’s still a car with failed attempt to became a plane, maybe the supercharged engine with its 1,800HP can promise a lot more if it had a wings but this time it needs to be focused to keep the straight line on the drag track and win the race but so much power is difficult to be harnessed.

Anyway, the short quarter mile race is impressive as the pop up wheelies performed by the turbo Mustang. Our suggestion here is to jump on the video and see this amazing adrenaline boost machine in action.

The excitement is granted and the pleasure will be all yours, enjoy it!


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