DRAG RACE Full Of GRUDGE With Nitrous Mustang VS. Turbo Trans Am! Have The Pleasure Of Seeing An EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN TWO BAD STREET MACHINES!!!

Great drag race can be seen on this video, as the Ford Mustang that is nitrous powered too gets a chance to win against the turbocharged Trans Am.

This is one hell of a race that is won by the car which will make the best ¼ mile race time, and you will be surprised to see which car won the race. The Ford Mustang is one older car that has been heavily modified and made ready for race, but it seems like the team didn’t manage to make the winning car.

The Mustang is boosting a Nitrous charge that can be used in the race, but it didn’t help either, because the turbocharged Trans Am was just too fast. There was an 88mm turbo charger installed on the Trans Am which made all the difference in the world, making the Trans Am winner at all three runs that were arranged by the racing teams.

These ¼ mile races heads up are a great deal to see, which car is ready to hit the older opponents and which car needs to be taken back to the garage and give it a little more work.


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