The Driver Of This Stolen Chevy Camaro Carjacked Two Vehicles And SHOT AT POLICE During ONE OF THE MOST SHOCKING CHASES You’ll Ever See!!!

This disturbing video was shot from several dashboard cameras and some shop cameras, and it was put together.

The only thing that we know about the driver, is that he is in his 30s, and that he died at the scene. The policeman responded to a call telling that there was a man with gun in the coffee shop. The policemen arrived few minutes after the call and the man was still there. When he saw the cops, he started running to the parking lot, where he managed to steal a red Volkswagen literally at gun point.

The car chase begins here, and he drove to another area of the city, before stealing another car, which is believed to be the Chevrolet Camaro seen in the dashboard camera footage. During the car chase, the driver drove into some really busy streets, in the opposite direction. He was shooting with the gun at the officers, trying to get out of the chase at any cost.

At the end of the car chase, he was surrounded by the police, with nowhere to go. Then the police unloaded their guns and killed the man at the spot.


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