Look At This EXTREMELY DUMB RICER Showing Off His Dodge “Charger”!!! LOL

Hello guys, we are here to tell you about the muscle car that is not desirable in USA and we don’t know why is that so. It is looking beautiful and there is some nice paint job done on it. Here the owner of this Dodge Challenger SRT will walk us around the car and he is willing to show us what modifications and upgrades he has done with the car.

First of all he says he changed the side mirrors because the stock ones were not aerodynamic enough. Now the new ones are 12% more efficient than the stock ones and they are looking very nice on the car, and they are practical as well. Here the owner brags about how this car that he owns, was the first made and sold out of the series of cars made like this, and he likes it that it is made by Dodge and he likes everything American. There is another sign on the car, EST, and it means Extra Sport Trim, and that stands for the body, because it is sporty trimmed and it is not made for driving in the city, but for racing. This car is eye candy, check it out here :


2 thoughts on “Look At This EXTREMELY DUMB RICER Showing Off His Dodge “Charger”!!! LOL

  1. Colin

    It’s a Challenger moron!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I believe he knows that, but he says that only as a joke.

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