Extremely LOUD Volkswagen Beetle Idling LIKE A BEAST!!! Consider This Car A THREAT FOR YOUR EARDRUMS!

Every gearhead out there respects his ride and treats it like his own child! That respect goes far away in many ways which you already understand it. And what is the back response of the vehicle to the owner, the desire to please him and feed his appetites and all that spiced with a smile on the owner’s face!

Just look at this happy VW Beetle owner, isn’t he cute?

But that’s smile isn’t by accident on his face, the smile is a product of the mighty engine roaring which you can hear if you blast your speakers to its maximum but consider that as a threat for your eardrums! Yeah, you haven’t heard so nasty VW Beetle! And if you look carefully at it, it dosn’t just the sound, all the body fabrication, the huge wheels everything is just awesome!

Honestly, we are jealous to the owner because only he can experience the sound when the engine is under full pressure. Maybe he will have mercy in near future and record a video where he is demonstrating the VW Beetle abilities.

For now, blast the speakers and enjoy the raw sound produced by this green VW Beetle!


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