Ferrari 599 GTO By Italian Tuner Romeo Ferraris

A brand new Ferrari has been designed by Italian tuner Romeo Ferraris. The rare Ferrari 599 GTO got more performance added to it, as well as style.The tuning program features a two stage engine tuning upgrade, and a carbon fiber aero package for minimum weight.
Ferrari 599 GTO

The standard Ferrari 599 GTO has a massive V12 engine. Romeo Ferraris adjusted a set of modified air intakes and filters to it, thus making it to produce 15hp and 13Nm more than the standard 670hp and 620Nm of torque.

Ferrari 599 GTO

The second stage of the tuning program involves replacement of the exhaust system. Thus, 40hp and 48lb.-ft. of torque are produced.

Moreover, the aerodynamic kit features a front spoiler, a new rear diffuser, and side skirts.


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