FIERY DRAG RACE Of Nissan GT-R VS. V8 Holden Commodore Vl With 1500 Hp At The Powercruise!

Get ready for the craziest cruising car show you have ever seen!!!

Powercruise is the major event for modified cars in Australia and New Zealand, also known as the place where people can do everything that they are not allowed to do anywhere else in their driving lifetime. For sure it is the next level in the automotive entertainment, and lucky for the American people, now Powercruise is also coming to the U.S.

This spectacular event offers all car enthusiasts the right place to drive their tough street, drift, race or show cars, in a safe and controlled environment while enabling them to do all the things that they are not allowed to do on the streets or anywhere else these days for that matter.

In this race particular, we see a Nissan GT-R built and tuned by the Australian tune studio Powertune vs. Holden Commodore VL with V8 engine, turbocharged to 1500 hp. The GT-R just blew the Commodore off without even thinking of saying goodbye. It just left it choking in the dust. Well, that’s what Nissan GT-R cars do!

This race occurred at the 37-th Powercruise in Queensland, Australia in 2012.

Enjoy watching this great video footage by clicking on the link below:


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