WHAT’S IT LIKE TO OWN A FORD GT? Amazing Gathering Of 80 GORGEOUS BEASTS At The Ford GT National Rally 9 In Las Vegas!

The short film named Dust Devils which you are about to see certainly does not discuss the practical aspects of ownership of a Ford supercar, but it strums strumming a chord of nice emotion and evokes a desire to get behind the wheel of the amazing Ford GT.

Ford GT and GT40 will have worldwide series of enthusiastic supporters, of which the luckiest saddled one of the copies of originals or true replicas. The video Dust Devils filmed by director Justin Lapriore of Lets Make Media offers a glimpse of their joy during the event Ford GT National Rally 9, held in Las Vegas and its surroundings.

The ninth edition of this brand reunion organized by Ford GT Forum was attended by over eighty Ford GT and GT40, whose owners enjoyed a common show of elegance, rides and club races, which were on top of the Swiss specials Matech Ford GT1.

The manufacturing of the original Ford GT40 began back in 1964, and it was designed primarily for racing. In 2005 was established its modern reincarnation, this time bearing the label Ford GT. Enjoy watching this mesmerizing video!


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