Geneva Motor Show 2015 Witnessed Glowing Luxury Limo Called 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman!

Honestly let us ask you something, why would you need such a long sedan? You wouldn’t, neither do we, but we will consider this large premium sedans as non-elected presidents of the states, and allow them to transport prime ministers and presidents.

We were amazed when we saw this 6.5 meters long boat, yeah we bet that it will provide an excellent and luxurious ride like a boat sailing on the roads. For additional driving pleasure will take care an upgraded V12 engine stronger than ever (the official technical details are not revealed) but it will cost $576K and $1 million for the armored version.

As you can notice on the video filmed at Geneva Motor Show 2015 there is a new driving experience at the rear, face to face thanks to a row of rear facing-seats and a glass partition which can fully divide the driver’s space from the passenger’s space for full privacy.

We will tell you one simple fact before we let you take a close car look as we did it: There are other stretch limos like Lincoln Vitesse which are less expensive but don’t aim to provide the same elegance and luxury level. Yeah ladies and gentleman, it’s a Mercedes-Maybach, luxury at its finest.


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