Steve McQueen WOULD BE SO PROUD With This Great Classic Ford Mustang Bullitt Shown At 2015 SEMA!!!

We’re happy that we have this car as a part of our gallery. We’re glad that we have done our job successfully. Let me introduce you, the one of the many beauties.

Here we have the old looking classic Ford Mustang Bullitt. The paint is something between green and gray- metallic. The rims chrome for a perfect combination. This beast holds a 4.6-liter V8 engine. It holds a 289 hp, and goes from 0-100 km/h for 8.9 seconds. It’s a pure beauty, classic old charm. The interior still holds the old look, but with some replaced parts. The wheel is wooden- like which is very nice looking. The fans of the muscle cars must have this one. It’s a type of Mustang that everybody knows it is perfect. The transmission comes with 5 speeds, but maybe for this much of power would be better if there was a 6th one. I know you love this car, so I hope you enjoyed this video.

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