SEMA Ignited Granted The Audience And Chance To Hear And See Some Of The Most AWESOME Creations In The Industry Fire Up! THE SOUND COMING FROM THESE MACHINES IS PURE BLISS!!!

Maybe the best part of the SEMA Ignited show is when the cars are moving out of the event. Here you can see all the vehicles that took part in the show and made it better with their presence, but also see them as they move away from the show. Some drivers are fair enough to give a little throttle to the engine so that the audience car hear it, or make a burnout in front of them. Here the cars can be seen from the front and back, side to side. That’s why all viewers got their cameras out to film this exit. In no other place you can see so much muscle cars, rat rods, trucks and what else not.

There is even a skeleton car that is made out of pipes and tires and engine only. They all give diversity to the SEMA Motor show and make it even more exciting. It is not forbidden to make a burnout on the way out of the show, but it seems like the drivers a little bit shy so they keep the adrenaline level low, just giving the audience the opportunity to see the cars.


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