Ready For Some Incredible Stunt Riding From Morocco? Here’s Dada’s Bike 2014 International Stunt Championship!!!

Dada’s Bike Association is a nonprofit association of bikers governed by the law of Dahir, located in Morocco.

The spirit of Dada’s bike rider is the story of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, parties of the same idea: to gather in joy and happiness and share the same passion: motorcycle in usability, the friendship, outings and especially to provide its members with a network of contacts, suppliers of valuable service in Morocco and abroad.

This association promotes sportsmanship, the experience of seasoned bikers who help new members in their biker lives.

The members have regularly outings every weekend with all their friends. Their motto remains: joy, good humor, and helping their buddies in case there is a fall or mechanical problem. We are pretty much impressed by the enthusiasm and positive energy of these stunt riding fans. So we offer you an excellent video of the Dada’s Bike 2014 International Stunt Championship which took place on October 25-26 at Morocco Mall.

Enjoy this great show 🙂


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