HOW TO DO DONUTS In Your Dad’s Pickup Truck For The Weekend: Lesson Provided By DRIFT MASTER Ryan Tuerck!!!

How many times you father gave you some choirs to finish up? And he gave you his pickup truck to do them? Well here we have the Formula Drift Champion, Ryan Tuerck, who will show you what to and how to do donuts with you father’s pickup truck.

As he says, the truck must be with a V8 engine, because this is the engine that will let you to actually do donuts. The second and most important thing is to remove the steering wheel cover. They are not comfortable for making donuts, and they will mess up the ride. The next thing to do is to put the truck into first gear, or if automatic, put it on drive.

Next, press a little bit the brake pad, so that the front wheels won’t turn so much as the rear ones, and the final thing to do is to step on the throttle all the way down. After the truck starts spinning in circles and you have smoke coming out of the truck, take your hand out of the truck and yell “Whoohoooo” so that everybody will know that you are the boss.


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