FOOD FOR YOUR AUTOMOTIVE SOUL! Watch This Impressive Motorcycle Expo With Crazy Customized Bikes And Loud Rock’n’ Roll At SEMA 2014!

Where else if it’s not on the SEMA show, yeah, the best of America is exposed there. Pure engineering with impressive designs, bringing the cars and motorcycles to masterpieces of art.

And besides the great custom made cars these motorcycles catch our attention. Yeah baby, the American choppers. We must admit and we are sure that you will agree with us that these choppers are elegance on two wheels.

We are sorry that we couldn’t bring you more details about them and we know that you would like to read more about their horsepower and the custom details on each motorcycle but for now it’s even enough to just watch this great video of ScottieDTV.

Just watch the chromed motorcycle with red gas tank and snake seat, it’s eyegasm for passionate bikers. Yeah biker boys, we cannot say this one is the best or the green retro military motorcycle, they are all beautiful.

We will let on you to decide which design is the best and share with us in the comments. Also if you have any technical details feel free to share with us too.


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