Stanford Engineers Built An AUTONOMOUS DELOREAN THAT DRIFTS! Introducing MARTY, Stanford’s Self-Driving, Electric, Drifting DeLorean!!!

The audience is likely to get sick of the “Back to the future” related content, but here we promise that this video is not one of the imitations. This is a lot different because all the electronics that is installed in this DeLorean actually is working. The best part of this is that it really makes this 2015 feel like it is an imagined 2015, and what we all liked, it involves donuts.

The well-known Stanford University is a pioneer of the autonomous vehicle research, and they became famous by their VW Touareg which was named Stanley. This was the first vehicle which was self-driving vehicle to win the DARPA Grand Challenge back in 2005. Since this victory, the team at Stanford has improved greatly, and now they made this self-drifting DeLorean. This DeLorean is named MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control). Pretty difficult name for a car dating from 1981. Now the results are here, very good looking car which is able to drive and to drift without any driver inside. This is magnificent progress made by the Stanford University, and we all like the idea and where this whole thing is going.


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