Keiichi Tsuchiya’s AMAZING DRIFT SKILLS Exhibited In ‘Pluspy’, A HIT VIDEO AND INSPIRATION For Many Professional Drifters Around The Whole World!!!

Drifting is the most exciting racing sport today, and there are races staged all around the world. The drivers need to learn the skills for over a year even before they make one small drift. But skills come with experience and they need to practice to enhance their drift.

But the question is how this sport got invented and who was the smart guy who drifted for the first time and recorded it with a camera? Well the answer is here, the Japanese Keiichi Tsuchiya. He is considered a pioneer in the drifting sport racing and he is the first one who documented it on a video tape. But the video quality is not very good because at that time the cameras were not advanced as today.

His car is still famous from that day, it was a Toyota AE86, and the first video was made on a VHS tape, with some really good slow motion moments where you can see the car drifting clearly. This driver was still active when he did the video and after that he competed in Le Mans with the legendary Japanese cars, Honda NSX and the Toyota GT. Here is the retro video, enjoy it:


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