Snow Adventures With A LIFTED FORD F250 POWERSTROKE? Tons Of Black Smoke Guaranteed!

And who else instead of a lifted Ford F250 will provide you with this pleasure? Yeah, there are a lot of cars and SUVs out there but only the lifted one can conquer the snow and play with it. To be even more exited, the Ford F250 is diesel powered, yeah, mighty Powerstroke diesel engine under the hood.

Just notice on the video, the streets are piece of cake for him, riding like he is saying to the snow you can stop me! And that self-confidence comes from under the hood, yeah, like we, the humans, if you have heart you can take many risks and move forward.

The heart of this Ford F250 is a 6.7-liter V8 Powerstroke engine which is producing 375 hp and has 800 lb-ft of torque and everything is clearer now.

Watch the video and notice how it’s moving with ease on the snowy roads and the most exciting part for us, doing crazy drifts. Literally with this diesel powered and lifted Ford F250 you can go on cruise on the North Pole, just you will need more fuel and you need to find a way to keep it in liquid form and good luck!


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