THE CRAZIEST THING YOU WILL EVER SEE! Losi 5ive-T RC Car VS Vauxhall Astra 888 In A Tug Of War!!!

The radio controlled car or in short the RC car is often understood differently and most of the time incorrectly. That is because when someone mentions to you a RC car directly you would think of an electric car running on some batteries and you will say no way this car has some power in it. But RC is not used only for controlling electric cars and vehicles.

RC is used also in controlling vehicles that run on gas as well. Like this scale model that we have here today , is using a gas engine and it has some electronics inside in order to steer it or a motor to turn the steering wheel and to add or lessen the gas on the engine. This Losi 5ive-T RC car is challenged on a tug of war and it has pulled a real car, it is a converted Astravan which is big and heavy.

The engine itself is a small 26 cc engine, but don’t let the number fool you because on the video it looks like it has some aces up in the sleeve. To see who the winner is click the link below:


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