MEET MAXIMUS FROM THE FURIOUS 7 END SCENE: Insane 1968 Dodge Charger With Hellish 2000HP!!!

Do we need to say more? We bet that 99% of you have watched the Furious 7, the last installment from the speed and adrenaline saga and already know what we are talking about here.

But, as many times before we just couldn’t resist the excitement and not share it with you again. Yeah, because he is special and one and only, Maximus Dodge Charger.

This 1968 Dodge Charger with aluminum color and bit of a modern looking is built by Nelson Racing Engines and under the hood is packing the Maximus 2000HP engine. Actually it is 9.4-liter Chrysler’s HEMI equipped with twin-turbo and twin-intercooler. Also he runs on dual fuel EFI system which just with one button switches the engine dinner with 116-octane racing fuel and forces him to produce outrageous 2000HP.

As the owner and father of the car claims, many of the parts of this hero Charger are CNC machined of solid aluminum blocks, that includes the turbo and the valve covers. Can you believe that more than 1,500 hours of metal work were needed to produce the beast?

Hear what the owner has to say. We are satisfied only by seeing him again in the newest Furious 8 instalment. Enjoy the video.


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