EXCEPTIONAL Mountain Drift by Fredric Aasbo’s 800 HP Toyota 86-X in Norway! MUST SEE!

If you have ever imagined how it is like inside a powerful Toyota GT86, tackling a dangerous mountain pass at a high speed, then the following video clip that we have chosen for today’s article will be a real bulls-eye. The entire video is recorded with a GoPro camera, so believe me when I tell you that you will experience a full throttle rush of that 800 HP drift monster, through the eyes of the pro driver Fredric Aasbo.

It is one thing to be entertained by watching professional videos, recorded outside the car, and it is completely different to feel what is happening inside the driver’s cabin. Fredric Aasbo is a driver of the Scion Racing Team, a guy with an amazing driving skills, and watching him doing this sideways performance on a dangerous mountain pass, is one really extraordinary experience. He is pinballing his way along that rough pass, in some moments veering almost to its edge.

So, watch the video, but do not forget to turn up the speakers in order to completely fill the highly tuned Toyota 86-X, as well as Frederic’s awesome driving.

If you want to find out more about the awesome Toyota GT 86 model, go to this link.


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