Muscle Vs Tuner In AGGRESSIVE ATTACK On The LSx Engine! What Would All The LSx Owners Have To Say About This?!

This video was shot somewhere in Mexico, and the Pontiac Trans Am isn’t on the market anymore, but there are car enthusiasts that still love and care about this car. Don’t get offended by what this guy has to say about the LSx, because he is only stating the facts about it.

There is LSx engine mounted on this Trans Am, and it has been customized as well. There are air intakes that give a boost of 15 horsepower to the engine. On this Pontiac Trans Am there are flip out headlights, which are cool on every car.

On the side of the body of the Trans Am there are heat extractors, which work with the custom air intakes. They help cool the engine off. There is a back spoiler mounted as well, to make the car more aerodynamic on the road. It looks nicely also, it adds up points to the look of the car.

This Pontiac Trans Am has been customized and made a real mean machine, fine-tuned for racing and showing off. The engine is fitted LSx, for all the LSx followers this would be the best video.


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