NO MORE PARKING TICKETS For Model S Owners. Today We’re Introducing: Ticket-Avoidance-Mode. WATCH HOW IT WORKS!!!

Have you ever wondered how you can avoid getting parking tickets? I’m sure that every driver had had a parking ticket once in his life time. And we all want to know a way to avoid the tickets but we also want to park in a close area where we can get to the car without walking for 10-15 minutes. But as we all know it is a real nightmare to find a good parking spot and even when the luck has smiled upon us there will be a catch. The parking spot is reserved, the parking is too expensive or you just can’t park there because it is a NO parking area.

Well if you are having this problem, and I’m sure you do, then I think this is the right solution for you. Watch the video and see how the new Tesla Model S car can avoid getting tickets. I know that it is only an ironic video but I’m sure that you will have a nice laugh. Make sure that you watch the video till the end and don’t forget to park at a better spot next time…

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